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Focus Fusion Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization. Focus Fusion brings people together to pursue the dream of clean, accessible & abundant energy from fusion. Our goal is to make the resulting technology available to everyone.
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Focus Fusion is about clean energy, saving the world from poverty and preventing global conflict. We will harness the power of the stars to end our dependence on fossil fuels.
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Power for the people - by the people Crowdfund fusion.
Take a peek at the peer reviewed science that's driving our effort.
The Focus Fusion Society ("FFS") brings people together to pursue the dream of safe, clean, affordable, abundant energy from aneutronic fusion, to ensure that the ensuing technology is made available to everyone, and to foster a pro research ethic and pro-fusion culture.
The goal for Focus Fusion, within reach in the next few years, is to reasearch, prototype and manufacture individual commercial fusion units (small enough to fit in a garage or shipping container) that are able to provide energy for a few thousand homes at least ten times cheaper than any known energy source.

Unlike many alternative energy options citing the fusion mechanism, Focus Fusion uses known science, not unsubstantiated claims of trying to overturn accepted science, and has achieved comparable results with about 1/10th the budget